Fashion Buyer Description

According to they describe Fashion Buyer as a person responsible for products that a company sells. They are the ones to develop clothes, find what’s trending, that is targeted towards a certain market/demographic and the price range they are to sell at. You have to have an eye for fashion, hence the name of this blog Eye Kandy, I love to look for key pieces and have versatile they can be for a certain audience.

Most of fashion buyers communicate to both internal and external stakeholders, so proper public relations is a definite plus. They need to communicate effectively within the team, as well as the clothing suppliers and manufacturers so as to avoid misunderstandings which are very crucial in the fashion industry.

Fashion buyers usually work with a team that merchandises, designers, and department managers to decide which items will be sold. Another role they take on as buyer, is budgeting and the profits the company will make.

I would love to become a buyer for a great company one day, until that day comes, I will work as to what it takes to be a buyer and the steps I take to get there.

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